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International Motorcycle Transport 

        Since we ship to over 150 countries and rules are different every where you ship to, this page covers only basic rules of International Motorcycle Transport. 

                                    Note: Vacation motorcycle transport rules are completely different- see Vacations page


What are the options for motorcycle transport ? 

     For most countries we have 2 options for shipping your bike : 

 1) Ocean freight Motorcycle Transport 

        a) Main ports only  

        b) Roll on / Roll off service or crated service 

        c) takes about 30-50 days from port (with inspections) 

 2) Airfreight Motorcycle Transport service   

       a) Main airports including inland cities service 

       b) Roll on / Roll off service or crated service 

       b) takes about 7-14 days from airport (with inspections) 


Where does leave from and how do we get our motorcycle to your terminals ? 

     We can pickup anywhere in the U.S.A. but you are welcome to arrange delivery to our warehouse.  

 1) If you want us to pickup we can set up with one of our enclosed "motorcycle and car only" trucks.

2) Depending on where you are going we have warehouses in 

New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami.

Preparation of the vehicle - see Preparation page 

What about insurance? 

 Airline Motorcycle Transport : 

The airline provides limited coverage for major damage or loss up to $16,500.00. We suggest the below additional insurance.

Oceanfreight Motorcycle Transport:

 The ocean line provides no insurance. We suggest the below additional insurance.

Truck Motorcycle Transport : 

Our truck transports come with limited coverage for major damage or loss up to $5000.00 . We suggest the below additional insurance.

Additional Insurance provided by Chubb Transport insurance :

Cost is of 1.25% of declared value+ transport costs

It covers  Damage - Fire - Theft - Loss and has a $500.00 deductible

*note: any damage must be signed for at pickup at the port and reported within 15 days * 


What documents are required ?  

1) Original title or Manufacturers Certificate is needed (If liens/loans - a bank release is needed with certified copies) 

2) Original Bill of Sale (if being sold)

3) Keys -- one set 

4) Power of Attorney (will be sent to you) 


When is payment required? 

 Prior to transport  -  we will send you an invoice, payment form, and dock receipt. 

 What about overseas costs?  

 Foreign Customs, taxes, duties, terminal charges, etc. are payable overseas and not to us. We can recommend an agent or you can consult with your local embassy. 

Thanks and Happy Trails ,